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APRIL planting & bean worship

April 13, 2011

I’ve started planting, but have had to stop as I’ve run out of compost. I’ve ordered more (organic, peat free) and am awaiting its arrival. So far I’ve planted tomato (Roma, golden sunrise, gardener’s delight), pepper (California wonder, cayenne, Romano), beans (runner, dwarf French, dwarf safari) and some marigolds (calendula).

Aren’t runner bean seeds beautiful? Exactly what Jack bought. Magic. I soaked mine in a glass of water overnight and they emerged swelled and glossy, the graphics on their printed skin gleaming with wet.

I used the last of my soil topping up my purple potato sack. When the next batch of compost arrives I’ll plant more potatoes (white this time) as well as courgette, nasturtium, sunflower, various salad leaves and some chillies.

I have a terrible confession. The baby chilli pepper sprouts I was in raptures about in March have died. I think I killed them with some tomato feed (organic of course, but too strong for their tender souls). I’m biting my trembling lip and trying again. Wish me luck.

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